Nourish your body,
calm your mind,
renew your spirit.

You deserve to feel empowered and vibrant!

It is my mission to empower you to reclaim your health through personalized nutrition and lifestyle practices that reduce inflammation, enhance digestive wellness, and optimize hormone health and fertility.

My nutrition approach is rooted in an Integrative and
Functional Medicine Model that aims to:

Identify the Root

Instead of focusing on your symptoms, together we'll dig deep to evaluate the root cause(s).

Honor Each Person as a Unique Individual

I honor your unique bio-individuality. There is no single protocol that will work for everyone.

Understand How Lifestyle Impacts Health

Stress, exercise, sleep, relationships and environmental inputs greatly influence our well-being.

Practice Evidence-Based Nutrition

Recommendations are grounded in scientific literature and clinical observations yet always honor YOU and YOUR lived experiences.

Talitha Ellsworth MPH, RD, LDN, CLT, RYT500

Talitha Ellsworth

Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist

"I am passionate about inspiring and empowering you with the knowledge and tools necessary to optimize your health and feel your best through a sustainable, food-as-medicine, mind-body approach."

Nutrition & Wellness Services


Supportive, individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching for those seeking to reduce inflammation, restore digestive wellness, and optimize hormone health and fertility.

Are you ready to partner together to reclaim your health through optimizing your nutrition and lifestyle?
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