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The 3X4 Test + Blueprint Report

The 3×4 Genetics Test covers over 134 genes that can affect your metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, hormones, cognition, and your response to diet and supplements. By understanding how your unique genetics impact these key processes, you can gain personalized insight into how to live a longer, healthier and more vibrant life.

Your genes don’t work in isolation. Rather, they work synergistically with other genes and your environmental inputs. What we eat, how we move our bodies, our stress levels and our emotional wellbeing both affect and are affected by how our genes behave.

Understanding our individual genetic blueprint can help guide us to make nutrition and lifestyle choices that optimize our ability to live happier, healthier, longer lives. 



Sample Pages from the 3X4 Genetics BluePrint Report:

The 3X4 Genetic Blueprint provides insight into all major health and performance areas by covering comprehensive metabolic pathways such as:

  • Cellular: Methylation, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Detoxification
  • Systems: Mood & behavior, Collagen & joints, Bone health, Glucose & insulin, Memory & brain health, Histamine overload, Hormone balance
  • Cardiovascular health: Vascular health, Cholesterol, Blood clotting, Blood pressure
  • Energy: Adipogenesis, Weight gain & weight loss resistance, Exercise response, Pro-inflammatory fat, Energy expenditure, Appetite/Satiety/Intake
  • Activity: Power, Injury, Recovery, Training response, Endurance
  • Nutritients: Caffeine, Choline, Folate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Fatty acids, Gluten, Vitamin C, Salt, Iron overload


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