Meet Your Client Portal: Practice Better

Once you join Inspire Wellness RD, LLC, expect an email inviting you to set up your profile on Practice Better, our user-friendly practice management portal. This platform is designed to simplify your experience with us, allowing you to concentrate on your nutrition and lifestyle without hassle.

Take a tour of your client portal


Explore Practice Better effortlessly online or download the ‘Better’ app on your phone. Once logged in, you can easily schedule appointments, complete forms, message Talitha directly, and access your purchased programs. For your ease, feel free to download the “Better” app here.

Client Portal FAQs:

Q: What’s the fastest way to get a response from Inspire Wellness RD?
A: Use the direct messaging feature on the Practice Better platform to send instant messages and receive responses within 24-48 business hours (if not sooner).

Q: Is Practice Better secure?
A: Yes, Practice Better has many safeguards in place to protect your data. In addition, they are HIPAA and GDPR compliant. You can learn more about their safeguards here.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact Inspire Wellness RD, LLC here.