Functional Foundations for Fertility

There is no one-size-fits all approach to nutrition and health. When we partner together, we’ll work our way through an in-depth assessment, taking into account your unique physiology, symptoms, lifestyle, and environment. This will allow us to work upstream to understand, create and implement a customized plan for you to work towards your optimal health vision.

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Initial Nutrition Consultation

This is your time to tell me your story!
Together we will dive deep into your wellness challenges, medical history, medications/supplements, and lifestyle to lay the groundwork to identify and support root cause(s) instead of simply addressing your symptoms.

Follow-Up Nutrition Session

During the Follow-up Session we will discuss your successes and concerns, assess your progress and change the trajectory if necessary.
The journey to health is constantly evolving, as is your body, thus these follow-up visits are meant to be flexible in nature to adapt to your current needs and health goals.

Lab Interpretation Session

During the Lab Interpretation Session we will review your functional nutrition test results to help uncover underlying health imbalances and create a practical action plan to help you progress towards your optimal health vision. ​

Are you ready to create the fertile foundation your body needs to support a beautiful baby?
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Schedule your Complementary Discovery Call

Taking the first step can often be the most difficult!
This 15-minute Complimentary Discovery Call is meant for you to ask me questions and for me to learn a little more about your fertility concerns and nutrition goals to see if I can help support you in achieving them.