Dietitian Mentoring

Women's Wellness Through A Functional Medicine Lens

Personalized mentoring designed to elevate your career as a women’s wellness dietitian. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, my mentoring services provide tailored guidance to help you thrive in the dynamic field of women’s wellness.

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Why Choose Dietitian Mentoring Services?

Expert Insight: Benefit from Talitha’s 16 years of experience as a private practice dietitian with over 8 years working directly in the women’s wellness space.

Holistic Approach: Talitha’s mentoring goes beyond textbooks, focusing on the practical aspects of nutrition and lifestyle that is unique to each individual along with functional lab testing and interpretation in the context of your client’s story.

Career Development: You will receive tailored guidance for professional growth and building a successful dietetics practice from the ground up.

Evidence-Based Practice: Talitha strives to be at the forefront of the latest nutrition trends and research and will provide guidance on implementing evidence-based practices in your work with clients

What I offer:

One-on-One Mentoring Sessions: Personalized guidance addressing your specific needs and career goals in the women’s wellness space.

Case Studies and Practical Insights: Learn through mentorship on your current client cases or discuss real-world scenarios to gain insights into effective problem-solving protocols so you can optimally support your clients.

Business and Entrepreneurship Support: Guidance on building your business, establishing a private practice, and navigating the business side of dietetics.


Who will best benefit from mentoring services?

  • Dietetic students or entry-level dietitians
  • Seasoned dietitians seeking to delve deeper into dietetics for Women’s Wellness (hormones, fertility, and gut health) and Functional Medicine Testing
  • Those exploring the idea of private practice in dietetics

Nutrition Entrepreneur Tools

Tools and resources I recommend and utilize in my own practice

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That Clean Life

Create personalized meal plans, grocery lists, and recipe bundles with your own branding.
That Clean Life was recently bought out by Practice Better and the two programs integrate beautifully

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