Hi, I'm Talitha Ellsworth

I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist specializing in integrative and functional nutrition for women.

I’m am also a wife and mother of 3 kids and understand the many challenges when it comes to honoring yourself so that you can achieve your optimal health vision and feel vibrant in your skin. This is because I have been through my own digestive, auto-immune and hormone struggles that left me exhausted, anxious, and frustrated for far too long.

My approach to health and wellness has culminated from my personal life experiences, education, and professional work with clients. My nutrition philosophy takes a synergistic approach, acknowledging that all systems, mind and body, work together to create our well-being.

I find great joy and purpose in the work that I do, as I have witnessed my own healing journey, and seen first hand through helping others, that a food-as-medicine, mind-body approach can heal, energize and revitalize health.

I look forward to hearing your story, partnering together, and watching you thrive.

Fun Facts about Me

"Are you ready to partner together to experience the power of food and lifestyle to restore your gut, balance your hormones, and revitalize your energy?"
Your Personal Gut and Hormone Dietitian

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