Corporate and Community Presentations

I wholeheartedly believe that a thriving workforce and community stems from a foundation of health and well-being. Through my Corporate Nutrition Presentations or engaging Community Presentations, I seamlessly weave scientific principles with real-life experiences to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies. The ultimate objective is to inspire positive changes to foster optimal health and contribute to the well-being of your corporation and/or community.

Why Choose Talitha?

Expert Guidance - I am a seasoned Functional Medicine Dietitian and bring a unique blend of expertise and practical knowledge to your workplace.

Tailored Content - I recognize the distinct nature of both corporate and community settings and tailor each presentations to suit your specific needs and to foster a culture of health and well-being among participants.

Actionable Steps - I go beyond science and theory, offering both community and corporate audiences with practical, attainable steps to enhance their well-being. Covering numerous nutrition topics with a holistic approach which may include stress management, sleep, movement, and more, my presentations empower individuals to make sustainable, lasting changes in their lives.

Here's to Healthier Hormones and a Happier You!

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