Specialized Testing

"Specialized testing allows us to take the guess-work out of your healing journey."

There is no one-size-fits-all way of eating. Through advanced functional nutrition testing, we can identify and target your unique dietary needs. When we work together, we’ll dig deep into your health issues, your health history, your lifestyle and your test results to determine how your body is currently processing its input from food, supplements, sleep, environment and cognition to create a personalized holistic plan to optimize your health and wellness.

These add-on functional tests are not diagnostic and are meant to be an extension of the testing you do through your doctor’s office, not a replacement. However, these tests can can provide invaluable information to aid in achieving your wellness goals. Often times the results from these tests help to create quicker and more successful outcomes by facilitating the development of a more personal, targeted nutrition program. 

3X4 Genetics

Our bodies are complex! The 3X4 Genetics test looks at how our genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control some of our most important bodily processes such as inflammation, metabolism and detoxification.

Other Nutrition & Specialized Testing

I have established relationships with specialized laboratories to help provide meaningful, science-based testing to gain further insight into your health and assist us in creating your optimal personalized healing protocol.

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