Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

We will work together to create a personalized practice based on your intentions.  A session may include breathing techniques to calm the nervous system, dynamic sequences of poses that flow or more restorative postures that support the body’s innate capacity to heal. 

Yoga & Mindfulness Classes help to:

Foster Mind-Body Flexibility

Feel more ease and flexibility in your mind and body to be able to live more freely.

Build Strength

Challenge your physical strength and stamina to optimize your functional movement.

Deepen Mindfulness

Feel more relaxed and have more patience with yourself and your loved ones.

Become More Resiliant

Deepen your emotional resiliency to be able to accept change and to work though challenges with fortitude.

Find Your Confidence

Learn to practice self-observation rather than self-judgement to affirm and empower an internal dialogue of confidence.

Build Stability in the Mind

Awaken your mental focus so you feel a greater sense of clarity and productivity.

Are you ready to nourish, calm and renew your mind and body?

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Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

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